Bamboo is a two year old semi-long haired male.  Bamboo is a very sweet boy and super friendly, he loves being picked up and cuddled 🙂  Bamboo is looking for a home as an only cat.

Salem is a five year old male. Salem is as friendly as they come! After a short while of getting used to being in the cattery he has settled wonderfully and is always out at the front of his pen looking for anyone to come in and give him a fuss.  We are looking for home were he would have access to the outdoors, although the note he came in with suggests that he seems to prefer staying in the house most of the time. Salem could live with a family with children, hes a lovely little boy 🙂


Rosco is beautiful 3yr old boy who came to S.A.R.A. through no fault of his own. Rosco is a lovely dog but is very shy with new people at first although after a few treats he soon relaxes and is fine.:) Rosco is an energetic young man who enjoys his walks with our other dogs in rescue however we do feel he would be best suited to a household where he would be the only pet. We are looking for a calm home where he can get the exercise he needs and most importantly lots and lots of cuddles.


Dibley is an adorable seven year old boy.  Dibley came to us as a stray at the end of January and was terrified of everything and everyone when he first arrived.  Dibley has become more confident day by day and now this shy little boy enjoys the attention of the cat cuddler volunteers and has turned in to a little sweetie and a cuddle monster. This little boy is now ready for a new beginning in a new home.  We feel he would be best suited to a quiet household. He would need access to the outdoors.

Briony is a beautiful four year old girl. Briony is a lovely cat who loves to spend time with the cat cuddler volunteers.  This little girl is an absolute beauty and has such a sweet personality to match, we feel she would be well suited to most households as she is so laid back.  We are looking for a home where she will be the only pet in the household, she would also need access to the outdoors.



Isobelle is a stunning 10 year old cat who came to S.A.R.A. through no fault of her own. Isobelle loves to spend time rolling around in the sunshine and is super affectionate with the staff and volunteers. Isobelle would love a home to call her own where she can roll around all day long 🙂 She would need a quiet, child free, pet free home.


Misty and Sergio are a beautiful pair of girlies who are both 12yrs old (Sergio is the black cat). These cats are very closely bonded and love spending time snuggled in their bed together 🙂 They are also very affectionate and are always keen for a fuss with the staff and volunteers. Misty and Sergio are looking for a quiet home where they will be the only pets.

Patch is a lovely Jack Russel Terrier who came to S.A.R.A. through no fault of his own. Patch has come in to kennels from a quiet home and is now feeling quite stressed and withdrawn. This poor little boy is desperate to find his forever home. He can be very shy and reserved initially but as the staff and volunteers have got to know him, he has started to feel more relaxed and we are now seeing his tail wag 🙂 Patch is only 5yrs old and is looking for a home as an only pet in a quiet home. Patch will make a lovely companion animal, he just needs a chance.



Buster is a beautiful, 7yr old staffy x lab who came to S.A.R.A. when his owner sadly passed away. Buster is a very energetic boy who loves to chase toys in our play pen and go for long walks with our volunteers and the other dogs in our care. Buster is a wonderful boy, he is so loving and will make a lovely companion. Buster has always lived as an only pet. Therefore, we feel he would be better suited to a household where he is the only pet.


Lenny is a two year old male Lurcher who came into us after his owner could no longer give him the care he needed. Lenny is a lovely dog with bundles of energy and he loves nothing more than to play in the pen with the volunteers and his friends. This young man is super affectionate and adores being cuddled and loved. Lenny is looking for an experienced owner/s  who will carry on his training and be able to give him plenty of exercise.  Lenny could potentially live with a female dog. Lenny finds it hard to resist reacting to other dogs that he doesn’t know whilst on the lead but we feel he may have possibly had a bad experience with another dog in the past, saying that he is improving and he is controllable with his head halti. Lenny is amazing with all the dogs at the centre, new and old and it doesn’t matter what breed, size or sex they are he is completely at ease with them and has become great friends with many of them enjoying play time in the pen and long walks.

We have had Lenny for quite some time now and he has watched many of his friends go to their new forever homes, it breaks our heart that Lenny has yet to find his.  If you feel you could offer Lenny a home or would like to make an enquiry then please get in touch.  We are positive that one day the right person will come along and see what we see in him and how much potential this sweet boy has.