This is Jack (aka Sox)  who I adopted from SARA when he was 10 years old. He came with a pension plan due to his age which meant that vets bills were covered for his existing and degenerative conditions. He had pancreatitis and the start of arthritis.

I don’t think I expected to have him that long on account of his age, and problems, but he has just left us after 7 wonderful years, proof that the older dogs can still make the best of pets!

Jack had been picked up on the streets in East Cleveland trying to fend for himself in the bins apparently! He wasn’t in great shape, not chipped and had damage to his mouth/jaw and teeth which suggested he may have been hit by something or someone. He wasn’t suited to kennel life, was nervous and fearful. He had been returned already by prospective owners after trying to dominate their bigger dogs so was back at kennels once again.

I went in and after speaking to Steven about what I was looking for in a dog he returned with another dog, and Jack/Sox. My heart melted when I saw him as he looked so bedraggled and nervous. I took him for a walk and the rest is history as they say.

He never did really see eye-to-eye with other dogs, had an ear-piercing yap and was always a dog who liked his own space, and tennis balls as you can see! – But he was the most loyal, easily pleased little dog we could have hoped for. He came everywhere with us on holiday, weekends, days out and was just happy to be with us wherever that may be.

His stomach always played him up, the arthritis got worse and about a year and a half ago he started to suffer from doggy dementia which left him incontinent. He wasn’t able to go walks anymore and seemed depressed at the end so I knew the time had come to say goodbye to our beloved pet.

Thank-you Jack for All you gave us. You leave us with a lot of treasured memories over the years and you hold a special place in our hearts forever.

Golden Slumbers. Rest in peace Little One. Xxxxx