We have acquired Foxrush Farm. We hope to have some pictures of the farm on some new pages, soon. 

Check out this video on you tube to find out more about Foxrush Farm, and why it was selected to be our animal sanctuary and re-homing centre.

Our Contact Details:

S.A.R.A Saltburn Animal Rescue Association

Saving And Rehoming animals Registered Charity No.1051037

S.A.R.A PO Box No 69 Brotton Saltburn TS12 2GN
Tel: 01642 488108 Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm

We purchased Foxrush Farm in August and have started the process of making the house habitable and getting the rest of the farm ready for the housing of our rescued animals prior to Rehoming.

Foxrush Farm is situated off Kirkleatham Lane in Redcar, see map that is also on this web site. Clicking on the picture to the right will link to Google Maps. Here you will be able to view the location and zoom in on the site. Also, below is a video interview with Anne Prosser hosted on youtube, and produced by SARA member Adam Steele. Anne explains how Saltburn Animal Rescue Association started, and why Foxrush Farm was chosen to be developed into the sanctuary.

Although the work has started there is still a long way to go and we are still looking for volunteers who could spare some time to help with all sorts of jobs that are still to be done, these could range from painting and decorating to digging and landscaping or even some building work or just cleaning there is lots to be done.

Of course at this stage we would also like to thank all those people who have made all this possible with their hard work and donations over the years it has taken to get this project off the ground.

The Armay came to Foxrush Farm!

On Sunday 16th December 2007, 7 Platoon Cambrai Company of The Young Leaders came to Saltburn Animal Rescue Associations Foxrush farm in Redcar to volunteer their services.

Their youth and enthusiasm were soon put to good use, with groups of the junior soldiers up to their calves in water clearing the dyke, which runs up the side of the entrance track, of brambles and other vegetation

Other groups got to work moving reclaimed bricks and roof tiles to a safe area at the rear of the farm and another group cleared some outbuildings of old concrete and rubble
The help of the young soldiers, who are based in Harrogate, was very much appreciated.

Members and volunteers at S.A.R.A would like to take this opportunity to thank Major Ross, Sergeant Blackburn and the junior soldiers of 7 Platoon for their help.