I have been Manager at S.A.R.A since 2015. I originally started off as Assistant Manager back in 2009. I feel blessed to be able to work for such a worthy course and have the ability to be able to help numerous animals find a new and lovely home. I have always enjoyed being around animals from a young age. I always had pets of my own such rabbits, guinea pigs, and snakes,as well as dogs and cats. I have been involved in obedience, agility and flyball over the years with my own dog and even had the pleasure of taking part in flyball at Crufts. I started working with animals straight from school and I was lucky to be granted a NVQ Level 2 apprenticeships placement with the RSPCA. I was there for two years. After I finished my apprenticeship, I took a year out to working in a factory in order to raise the money for a six week ranger course in Africa, where I studied many different things, such as, Taxonomy, Astronomy, Astrology and Biology, as well as getting to go on safari and see amazing animals, as I needed as to see lots more, in order to become a level 2 Field Ranger. In between finishing at the factory and going to Africa, I completed my NVQ Level 3 in Animal Management through Houghall College, with my placement being a dog groomer.


Assistant Manager

I have been at S.A.R.A since 2011. I first started as a part time member of staff working three days a week.  I started working with animals as soon as I left school and attended Askham Bryan College, where I completed three years of studies in Animal management.  I have a true passion for animal care and have had my own pets too, from rabbits, hamsters, and fish, to cats and dogs. I have worked in various placements, gaining experience along the way with small animals, reptiles, domestic animals, farm livestock and zoo animals.  I was training to be a Veterinary nurse for just over a year but really wanted to work in a rescue centre!  I started working part time for Askham Bryan College and cared for a wide range of farming livestock for nearly 11 years, and then saw the position for Centre Assistant Manager for S.A.R.A. I leapt at the chance. When the centre offered me a full time contract after being here for four years I was over the moon! It has been an absolute joy to work alongside amazing and passionate staff and volunteers to care and find homes for our beautiful animals.


Assistant Manager

From a young age, I had a passion for animal care. At home we had dogs, cats, a rabbit, hamsters and mice. I have always been fascinated by wildlife and insects too! I first started volunteering at my local veterinary practice when I was 15yrs old. Initially, I did my work experience placement with them. After that, I stayed for a further five years volunteering on weekends. Here, I gained a lot of experience working with small animals from dogs and cats to birds, reptiles and rodents. When I left college, I started volunteering at my local animal rescue centre. Soon after, there was a vacancy for a kennel assistant. I worked as kennel assistant for two years. I was then promoted to Assistant Manager which I worked as for a further two years. I then went to explore the country, spending a lot of time in Scotland. I volunteered at the Retired Greyhound Trust on Skye and regularly looked after pets for my friends and colleagues in Scotland. However, I longed to work in animal rescue once more. I saw the vacancy with S.A.R.A. online and applied straight away!! I was delighted to join the team in October 2015. I thoroughly enjoy working at S.A.R.A. It is an incredibly rewarding job made even better working within such an amazing team!!


Animal Care Assistant

I have been at S.A.R.A. since I was 18yrs old. I started as a placement to complete my hours for an animal care course at Askham Bryan College. I completed a two year course in Animal Management. I fell in love with S.A.R.A and decided to stay on as a volunteer and I’m still here after eight years.  I have had numerous animals from degus to dogs and rescued most of them. I have done different placements such as hydrotherapy for dogs, to helping at a vets, but my true passion was helping rescue animals of all shapes and sizes.

Outside of work I have enjoyed competing in flyball with my own dogs and going to numerous country shows. When the job came up for an animal care assistant here at the centre, I jumped at the opportunity. I have learnt so much since starting work here, including going on courses such as caring for wildlife and animal first aid.