We are getting conflicting information on the deadline for objections.  We now think it is the 9th December so you still have time to object.  A draft objection letter to be done as a Word document  and emailed to David Pedlow before the 9th December deadline can be copied from the letter in he last post.

His email address is:   David.Pedlow@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk and if you click on this link, it will automatically set up an e mail you can then type on, which you will then be able send to David, without having to type in his e mail address and not getting it right.



The draft document is a style you could use in any objection but please note the following points when  emailing to David Pedlow.


  1. You should `copy` from the draft document letter and then `paste` to create your own individual letter on to a new word document and not simply copy the draft verbatim, as we don’t want 50 plus letters all saying the same thing, word for word like this one as that takes the individual status away, and the planners would recognise this and would discount the value of the letters.
  2. The text in red is the information on yourselves that you need to change.
  3. The text in green is some of the reasons you can use to object to. We suggest you pick our 2 or 3 of them and convert them to black type and try to alter them if you can, just so we don’t get 50 all looking the same and like they were typed on one computer. A simple hint is to alter the order of the objections you decide to use and maybe change the font sizes and type settings.
  4. When you have created your own Word doc letter it can be saved on your `desktop` or elsewhere and then attached to your email. That is the best way to do it.
  5. You then go to your email addressed to David Pedlow by clicking on this link

David.Pedlow@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk and insert the Word Doc you have saved (covered in 4 above). And then say something like….Mr Pedlow, please find attached my objection letter to the `outline planning application number  R/2016/0663` You can put something similar in the `Subject box` on your email.

  1. If you don’t want to create a Word doc, you can `copy` off the Word doc and paste it straight in to an e mail, created by clicking on this link.



But you would have to provide in the email the Application reference number R/2016/0663 and your name and address.