Our very popular Strawberry and Chocolate Fayre will take place on Sunday 4th June. Why not come along for a very enjoyable afternoon. Check out the poster for more details.

Our Spring Bargain Sale is on Saturday 6th May, 10 am until 3 pm, at the Arundel Centre, Foxrush Farm. It’s well worth a visit. Check out the poster for all the details.

Ollie is a 2 year old cross breed who came into our care after his owner could no longer give him the exercise he needed due to work commitments.He is a lovely dog who wants to make friends with everyone he has lots of energy so will need to live in an energetic house hold where he will get lots of walks and training.Ollie would benefit from been with some one who will maybe take him to flyball or agility classes.

Ebony is 5 year old female lurcher who came into us after her owner couldn’t look after her anymore.She is a lovely dog who enjoys lots of company both from people and other dog.We feel that Ebony would be best suited in a home with anther dog as well as with someone who wouldn’t leave her on her own for long period of time.

Jake is a 1 year old Staffie cross who came into our care after he was found as a stray he is a very lucky dog as he we hit by a bus and got away with only a grazed paw.Jake is a lovely dog who loves long walks and a good play he is good with dog and cats but can be a bit full on and in there face.Reserved

Ceasar is a 6 month old cross breed who came into our care after he was found as a stray.He is a lovely dog who like most young dogs will need a lot training and socializing.Ceasar is only young and still has a lot of growing to do there for is looking for an experience big dog owner with no young children.Reserved

Charlie (Tabby white chest and feet) & Lola (Tabby)came into S.A.R.A after his owner could no longer care for them anymore.These two 10 year old cats are a lovely pair who are looking for a nice quite home together as house cats . Charlie is more out going and confident than his sister but in time she will settle in and probably become more out going in a home.

Basil is a 7 and a half old male who came in as a stray.He has been living rough for some time getting looked after by the people in the area he was living in.He came into us because the people were starting to get worried that he was starting to get old and deserved a loving home and a family to call his own.Basil is a lovely cat very friendly and loving he enjoys lots of attention and a good brush.

Marvin is about 2-3 year old he came into us after he was found as stay he was a very scared cat when he first came in but has soon settled down.Marvin is looking for a quite home where he can be an only cat.