During December the Support Adoption for Pets held their Santa Paws appeal at all their Pets at Home stores.

All the staff at Middlesbrough store supported by a team from SARA asked customers to contribute 50p towards a Christmas dinner for animals in rescue centres. It was a tremendous effort and the support by customers was outstanding.

In the month £2,897 was raised.  This was split between Support Adoption For Pets and SARA.  This resulted in a cheque being presented to SARA for £1448.50.  This will help SARA look after the animals.

The animals at SARA were given a Christmas dinner of chicken, beef and pork together with the trimmings.  There was so much food that they had the same on Boxing Day. Our thanks go out to all the customers who kindly donated.


The little dog in the picture is Sam who was rescued 2 years ago with a deformed foot. After an appeal to raise funds to cover his treatment and 7 operations later he has finally been given the all clear and now he just needs physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to finish the job. In two weeks time he can run off lead for the first time since the treatment began.

Patrick is a lovely 5yr old who came to S.A.R.A. through no fault of his own. Patrick is a very loving cat who has been overlooked because of his colour. Partick loves to spend time snuggled up in his bed and spending time with our volunteer cat cuddlers. Patrick could possibly live with another cat and children 6 . OUT ON TRIAL.

Sally is a gorgeous 7yrs old DSH who came to S.A.R.A. as her owner was moving abroad. Sally loves spending time curled up in her bed next to the radiator but will zoom out when she hears the meat pouches rustling in the kitchen! For more information on Sally, give us a ring on 01642 488108.

George and Angus are beautiful brothers who came to S.A.R.A. through no fault of their own. They are around four months old and are full of beans! George and Angus love racing around in their cattery and up and down the corridor. George and Angus are looking for a home where they can have access to the outdoors when they are grown up. George and Angus could live with with other cats and possibly children 7yrs . George and Angus have heaps of energy and would like a home of their own to run around in. OUT ON TRIAL

Kiki is a beautiful 5yrs old Bengal cross who came to S.A.R.A. as she wasn’t getting along with the other cat in the house. Kiki is a very loving cat with a strong personality and would be best homed with an experienced Bengal owner. Kiki is looking for a home as an only pet and as an indoor cat. Kiki enjoys playing with her toys and spending time curled up in her warm bed. RESERVED.

Dolly is a beautiful 18month old, female cat who came to S.A.R.A. as a stray. Dotty craves attention and loves a good fuss! We feel Dotty could live with another cat. When we took Dotty for a routine health check, the vet sadly discovered that Dotty has a heart murmur. Dotty deserves a home where she can have a happy life with lots of love. We want to assure any potential new owner that S.A.R.A. will support them fully in whatever way necessary. If you have any questions about Dotty, do not hesitate to give us a ring at the farm and ask for a member of staff. RESERVED.

Milo is a very sweet, 8yr old, Terrier cross who came to S.A.R.A. following a change in his owners circumstances. Milo is a great little dog who walks well alongside our other dogs at the centre. However, we feel Milo would be better homed as an only pet as this is what he has been used to. Milo is an active dog and would enjoy long walks. He could potentially live with older children. RESERVED.

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