This is Caesar. He is a 1 year old Perro de Presa Canario also known as a Canary Mastiff. Caesar first came into S.A.R.A after he was found as a stray at only 4 months old. It was clear to see that he hadn’t been socialised as he was scared of other dogs and strangers until he got to know them. After only a month or two a very experienced lady who had owned and worked with big dogs for a long time came forward to offer him a home. We thought it was great for him as she already had another dog and after a couple of meetings they got on fantastic. After only being in a home for 7 months he returned to S.A.R.A as his owner could no long look after him due to her becoming pregnant, she felt that she could no longer manage two large dogs. Unfortunately when Caesar came back the lady who adopted him had been bitten on the hand after he became scared of her nephew that had come to visit. Caesar had jumped on the sofa next to his owner for reassurance but his owner tried to pull him off with his collar and he turned his head round and caught her on the hand. The Staff at S.A.R.A were understandably wary at first but soon realised that he was just still a scared puppy as he would growl at anything when he was out on a walk, like a carrier bag stuck in a tree or just something strange in the distance. Over the last couple of months whilst he has been at the centre, Caesar has come on leaps and bounds, his confidence has grown as his training has progressed. We find that he walks very well on a halti and he is regularly walked with dogs of all sizes and breeds. He is a lovely dog who enjoys running around and playing with his toys as well as having a cuddle. He has became a fond favourite with the staff and volunteers. We are looking for a very experienced large dog breed owner who is willing to carry on Caesar`s training preferably with no children or other pets.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the centre.

                      Can you offer this amazing dog a forever home where he can reach his full potential?