M&S staff and SARA members collecting Marks and Spencer’s final donation of money, food and toys.
Total donation of money £1341.49 Chloe Tweddle
and Donna Middlemass have done many hours of volunteer work and delivered a lot of food, toys, scratching posts during that time.
SARA wishes to thank them for their outstanding effort.


On Thursday 31st March we were presented with a large donation from Petti Rossi to add to the funds to help with Sam’s leg.  We also received a collection of gifts to sell or use for the raffles.

Sam and all the animals thank Petti Rossi for their help.

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Pets at Home run a VIP scheme that gives members money off offers etc. Each time a customer visits the store they swipe their VIP card and a percentage of the spend is credited to their chosen animal charity by Pets At Home.

At certain periods throughout the year the chosen charity gets a donation. We work closely with the Middlesbrough store and in the winter of 2014/15 with this donation we purchased a set of dog coats for all our dogs to keep them warm and dry when they went for their walks.

A volunteer then got all the coats lettered with ‘SARA’ on one side and ‘I NEED A HOME’ on the other. Each weekend this volunteer takes a different SARA dog to a caravan she owns for the weekend.

On one of these weekends she met up with a lady who turned out to be from a charitable trust.

Some time later we received a cheque for £5000 from the charitable trust.

On a later visit our volunteer went to the lady’s house to let her know how we had spent the money.

Some time later we received another cheque for £10,000 from the same trust. We are now one of their selected charities.

It just shows how unexpected things happen. From customers swiping their VIP cards, buying coats and a chance meeting to substantial donations.

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In December a team from SARA helped Support Adoption for Pets in the Middlesbrough store with their Santa Paws campaign. This week we have collected a cheque for £954.88 from Pets At Home Middlesbrough which was half of the collection money. The other half went to Support Adoption for Pets to help out other rehoming centres.

This money will go towards the ‘Haven’ that we are building. We identified that we needed a room where we could put dogs that were recuperating from illness or operations or could not be put in with the general population because they are nervous.

As you will see the ‘Haven’ is nearly complete and we will be soon putting it to good use.

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