Dibley is an adorable seven year old boy.  Dibley came to us as a stray at the end of January and was terrified of everything and everyone when he first arrived.  Dibley has become more confident day by day and now this shy little boy enjoys the attention of the cat cuddler volunteers and has turned in to a little sweetie. This little boy is now ready for a new beginning in a new home.  We feel he would be best suited to a quiet household and he could live with a cat of a similar calm temperament. He would need access to the outdoors.

Briony is a beautiful four year old girl. Briony is a lovely cat who loves to spend time with the cat cuddler volunteers.  This little girl is an absolute beauty and has such a sweet personality to match, we feel she would be well suited to most households as she is so laid back.  We are looking for a home where she will be the only pet in the household, she would also need access to the outdoors.



Isobelle is a stunning 10 year old cat.  She came to S.A.R.A. through no fault of her own. Isobelle is a friendly girl who would need a quiet, child free, pet free home so that she can get all the affection she deserves.

Misty and Sergio are a beautiful pair of girlies who are both 12yrs old (Sergio is the black cat). These cats are very closely bonded and love spending time snuggled in their bed together 🙂 They are also very affectionate and are always keen for a fuss with the staff and volunteers. Misty and Sergio are looking for a quiet home where they will be the only pets.

Misty is an eighteen year old girl and is such a sweetie.  Misty came to us after her owner sadly passed away and is now looking for her new loving forever home where she can live out her golden years. We are looking for a quiet household where Misty would be the only pet, she would need to be an indoor cat.  We are hoping to find a home/foster home soon for our beloved little girl 🙂


Ollie is a fifteen year old boy.  Ollie loves to be around people and enjoys lots of attention.  We are looking for a quiet and laid back home for Ollie where he would be the only pet in the household, he would also have to be an indoor cat.

Redley (10yrs), Nala (10yrs) and Bibi (11yrs) came to S.A.R.A. when their owner very sadly passed away. They are such a gorgeous trio who have lived together since they were kittens. All three cats have their own personalities but are all equally as affectionate and laid back. Bibi is the quietest of the gang and enjoys snoozing in her basket by the radiator but she will pop out for a fuss 🙂 Redley and Nala are talkative little characters and are always chatting away, trying to get the attention of anyone passing by. We would love to see them in a home all together very soon. They are used to living in a quiet home and would make amazing companion animals for someone with a space in their household as well as their heart.


Sinbad is a stunning 9 year old male cat. Sinbad came to the centre as a handover, he was not getting on so well with the other cats in the household.  Sinbad is super friendly and loving and has settled well in the cattery, he seems to take everything in his stride 🙂  We are looking for a home where Sinbad will have access to the outdoors and he must be the only pet in the household.

Milly is a stunning 2 year old girl who came to the centre  as a handover.  Milly arrived at the centre a few months ago heavily pregnant and gave birth to four wonderful kittens, Milly was a fabulous mum to them.  Milly has seen her kittens leave to go to their new homes and now she is looking for a home herself. We feel that Milly would be best suited as the only pet in the household, she is super sweet and loves to be fussed.