Poppy and Lola are four year old sisters.  Both cats were quite scared when they arrived at the centre but have soon settled in.  Poppy and Lola need to be rehomed together, we wouldn’t want to separate them as they love each others company. We are looking for a home where they can have access to the outdoors and would be the only pets in the household.  We feel they would make wonderful pets 🙂

Maisy is a sweet twelve year old lady who came back to S.A.R.A. as her owner sadly passed away.  Maisy has been struggling to settle in at the centre as she is not used to being in a cattery. We feel that the sooner Maisy is in her new home the better! Maisy has been very shy and scared but has slowly started to relax and will happily have a little stroke from our volunteers.  We are hoping to find a quiet home where she will have access to the outdoors as we know she used to like to potter in her previous owners back garden. Maisy would need to be the only pet in the household.

Gerry is a sweet and very laid back seven year old boy.  Gerry came back to the centre as sadly his owner had passed away.  Gerry is looking for a home where he would have access to the outdoors, get plenty of attention off his new owners and also a good groom from time to time 🙂  Gerry would have to be the only pet in the household. We hope he will find a home soon as he is clearly missing his home comforts.

Daisy is a beautiful 2yr old lady who came in to our care with her kitten and also heavily pregnant with another litter! Daisy has been a wonderful mum and is now ready to find a home of her own 🙂 Daisy enjoys nothing more than snoozing in the sun. She is looking for a home as an only pet where she can get all the attention she deserves.

Simba is a beautiful 2yr old who came in to our care through no fault of his own. Simba is an adorable, gentle and playful young man and would need a home where he has access to the outdoors. Simba would need to be homed as an only cat.

PLEASE NOTE: Simba is in a foster home. If you are interested in Simba, please give us a ring on 01642 488108 and we can arrange a visit to his foster home.

Nina is a very beautiful 2yr old girl who came to S.A.R.A. following a change in her owners circumstances. Nina is struggling to settle in the cattery and has found it quite stressful. We hope that when she finds a new home, she will be able to relax and come out of her shell. Nina is looking for a patient owner who will allow her time to settle. Nina would need a home with no children or other animals. RESERVED 🙂

Jenson is a three year old male and is such a lovely boy who enjoys nothing more than to to play with the cat volunteers.  Jenson especially loves his cat nip ball, we usually find him rolling around with it on the floor of the cattery. Jenson could live with children six yrs plus and possibly another cat/s.


Annie is six year old and an Oriental breed of cat.  Annie is looking for a home with experienced owners of this type of breed.  Annie is a wonderful cat with lots of personality but does have some behavioral issues. We are looking for a home where she will have access to the outdoors.   If you are interested in finding out more about little Annie then please contact the centre and speak to a member of staff.


Mia is a beautiful three year old girl.  Mia has come to S.A.R.A. as her owner sadly passed away.  Mia is a lovely cat and very affectionate!  We are looking for a home where Mia would be the only pet in the household and there would be no young children.  Mia will make a wonderful companion animal.

  • 10yrs old
  • Females, spayed.
  • Would need access to the outdoors.
  • Would need to be homed together.
  • Only pets in household.

Katie and Ella are a very sweet pair of cats who are looking for a nice quiet home. We will find them snuggled together in the same bed more than often.  Katie and Ella are quiet and laid back, they love to spend most of their time relaxing in their beds, especially when its a sunny day!  They love to have the volunteer cat cuddlers spend time with them.  We hope they will not spend much more time in our cattery as they seem to be getting overlooked, perhaps because they are always snuggled up together in the back when public come to view the cats.