Charlie (Tabby white chest and feet) & Lola (Tabby)came into S.A.R.A after his owner could no longer care for them anymore.These two 10 year old cats are a lovely pair who are looking for a nice quite home together as house cats . Charlie is more out going and confident than his sister but in time she will settle in and probably become more out going in a home.

Basil is a 7 and a half old male who came in as a stray.He has been living rough for some time getting looked after by the people in the area he was living in.He came into us because the people were starting to get worried that he was starting to get old and deserved a loving home and a family to call his own.Basil is a lovely cat very friendly and loving he enjoys lots of attention and a good brush.

Marvin is about 2-3 year old he came into us after he was found as stay he was a very scared cat when he first came in but has soon settled down.Marvin is looking for a quite home where he can be an only cat.

Molly is a cute little 1 year old female who came into our care after her owner could on longer care for her.She is a very friendly, playful and out going little girl.

Bobby is a 7 and a half year old male who came into S.A.R.A after his owner sadly passed away.He is a quite and nervous little man who is looking for a nice quite home perfectly as a an only cat.

Bunty is a 9 year old Domestic long haired tortoiseshell who came into our care after her could no longer care for her.She is a quite girl who is a bit nervous at first till she gets to know you then she become very friendly and affectionate.Bunty would benefit from been a only pet.


Sue is about 5 years old female who came into as after she was found as a stray living behind a pub.She is a lovely friendly cat who enjoys a good fuss it is clear that Sue has been a loved pet at some point.


Max is a 10 year old male who came into SARA after his owner sadly abandoned on his own.He is a lovely cat who has had a rough couple of months so we think he would benefit from living in a quite home as at the moment he is a bit over whelmed and scared.Once he is settled into a home we feel he will become more our going.

Rosie arrived at Saltburn Animal Rescue Association at the end of November 2015 as a stray at only five years old. At first glance, Rosie was absolutely skeletal and her coat was in poor condition. Once we had had a look at her, it was obvious that she was extremely dehydrated and her gums were white! We rushed her to the vets where she immediately drank five bowls of water and was placed on a drip.  She was in such poor condition that she had become diabetic! She has been as good as gold the entire time. The vets are still confident she will go in to remission from her diabetes. Rosie has insulin injections after her meals which are 12hrs apart.

She will actually finish her dinner and come over for her injection! In the last 13 months, I have got to know Rosie so well and to see how far she has come is amazing. Even more amazing is how she has taken it all in her stride. Rosie enjoys her walks with the other dogs and playing with squeaky toys but her favourite thing, I think, is having her tummy tickled. She will lie down on the grass for a tickle and I am sure she would lay there for hours if she could. There isn’t a single day where Rosie doesn’t make me smile. She is a truly spectacular dog and really deserves an amazing home of her own. OUT ON TRIAL.

Sasha is a 18mth old staffie cross who came in to our care after her owner could no longer care for her. She is a very loving and affectionate little girl who enjoys lots of exercise as well as a good fuss and a her tummy tickled. She is looking for a home as an only dog with someone who will give her plenty of exercise and training.