Patch is a wonderful Staffie boy who is ten years old.  Patch is looking for a home where he can be doted on, go for short walks and lead a nice quiet life.  Patch is the sweetest little boy and will make a lovely companion animal.  We are looking for a home with no children and no other pets.  Patch does walk well with the other dogs at the centre and has previously lived with another dog and young children but would now prefer a home where he is the only baby:)

Bridget is a lovely six year old French Bulldog.  Bridget is full of fun and likes to go for her walks, especially with other dogs.  We feel that Bridget could live with another suitable dog and children ten years plus.



Jasper is a ten month old Cocker Spaniel. Jasper is extremely playful and full of energy!  Jasper would need to live with another dog that matches his energy levels and is a similar age to him, he loves to play with other dogs more than anything! This young man will need to continue his basic training.


Dexter is a ten month old Staffie cross.  Dexter is a lovely boy with bags of energy and has been great on  walks with the other dogs at the rescue. Dexter is looking for a home where he can get plenty of walks and exercise. We are looking for a home where he can get the attention and time he needs.  Dexter would need a home with no children and would need to be the only pet in the household.


Nevis is a ginger domestic short hair boy who is two years old and his little friend Ben who is five months old.  Both cats are super friendly and always crave the attention of any cat cuddler volunteer 🙂  Nevis and Fuji are very sweet together and would make wonderful pets.  We are looking for a home where the pair of them would have access to the outdoors.  We feel that they could live with another cat/s in the household as they did come in to the centre with two other cats, Manjaro and Ben.  Although we would love nothing more than to home all the four friends together, we are realistic in thinking it would be unlikely that someone would be able to adopt them. We have had to make the hard decision to split them in to two pairs.  If anyone was willing to rehome them as a four then please do contact the centre!

Maisy is a sweet twelve year old lady who came back to S.A.R.A. as her owner sadly passed away.  Maisy has been struggling to settle in at the centre as she is not used to being in a cattery. We feel that the sooner Maisy is in her new home the better! Maisy has been very shy and scared but has slowly started to relax and will happily have a little stroke from our volunteers.  We are hoping to find a quiet home where she will have access to the outdoors as we know she used to like to potter in her previous owners back garden. Maisy would need to be the only pet in the household.

Gerry is a sweet and very laid back seven year old boy.  Gerry came back to the centre as sadly his owner had passed away.  Gerry is looking for a home where he would have access to the outdoors, get plenty of attention off his new owners and also a good groom from time to time 🙂  Gerry would have to be the only pet in the household. We hope he will find a home soon as he is clearly missing his home comforts.

Daisy is a beautiful 2yr old lady who came in to our care with her kitten and also heavily pregnant with another litter! Daisy has been a wonderful mum and is now ready to find a home of her own 🙂 Daisy enjoys nothing more than snoozing in the sun. She is looking for a home as an only pet where she can get all the attention she deserves.

Duke is a handsome 4yr old Rottweiler who came to S.A.R.A. through no fault of his own. We are looking for a home for Duke with no other pets and with an experienced large dog breed owner. Duke walks well on a halti harness and loves playing in the pen with any toys he can get his paws on 🙂 Duke can walk well alongside other dogs at the centre but can be abit full on with certain dogs.

For more information on Duke or any of our other animals, do not hesitate to contact the centre on 01642 488108.


Hawk is a wonderful greyhound who is 3yrs old. Hawk loves to spend time sunbathing and going for walks with our volunteers and our other dogs in the centre. We feel Hawk would be best homed with another dog of similar temperament to her own.