Jinx is a five year old female and Taric is a five year old male.  We are looking for a lovely home where they can go together.  Both Jinx and Taric will have to live as indoor cats.  They have a fantastic temperament and always enjoy attention from the volunteer cat cuddlers.  Both cats could potentially live with children six years plus.

Bob and Rafeki are both three year old males.  We are looking for a home where they will have access to the outdoors.  We feel they would be best suited to a household where they are the only pets. Bob and Rafeki are wonderful cats and love to play and run around, they will be a great deal of fun for any potential adopter.  They have struggled to settle completely in a cattery environment, we hope they will find their forever home soon.


Nina is a very beautiful 2yr old girl who came to S.A.R.A. following a change in her owners circumstances. Nina is struggling to settle in the cattery and has found it quite stressful. We hope that when she finds a new home, she will be able to relax and come out of her shell. Nina is looking for a patient owner who will allow her time to settle. Nina would need a home with no children or other animals. RESERVED 🙂

Jenson is a three year old male and is such a lovely boy who enjoys nothing more than to to play with the cat volunteers.  Jenson especially loves his cat nip ball, we usually find him rolling around with it on the floor of the cattery. Jenson could live with children six yrs plus and possibly another cat/s.



Mia is a beautiful three year old girl.  Mia has come to S.A.R.A. as her owner sadly passed away.  Mia is a lovely cat and very affectionate!  We are looking for a home where Mia would be the only pet in the household and there would be no young children.  Mia will make a wonderful companion animal.

Meet Arthur and Sienna!!

Arthur and Sienna are a beautiful pair of Greyhounds who are both around 3yrs old. Arthur and Sienna love spending time together in the garden, snoozing in their cosy beds and going for strolls with our volunteers and sometimes with our other large dogs (as pictured with Jimmy). They are a wonderful pair of dogs and they are so laid back!

Arthur and Sienna are looking for a home with no small dogs, cats or other small furries. Ideally, we would like to keep Arthur and Sienna together but would consider separating them if they were to be homed with another dog.

If you would like more information on these beautiful dogs, do no hesitate to contact us.


  • 6yrs old.
  • Female, spayed.
  • Needs to be homed as an only pet.
  • Active home needed.
  • Experienced owners.

Mabel came to S.A.R.A. as she was not getting along with the other dog in the home. Mabel is looking for a special home with experienced dog owners and owners who will be committed to aiding Mabels weight loss. Mabel would need a home with active adult(s) where she will get lots of exercise. Mabel would be best suited to a home with no children. If you would like to enquire about Mabel, please contact the centre on 01642 488108 and ask to speak to a member of staff.



  • 6yrs old
  • Female, spayed.
  • Would need access to the outdoors.
  • Would like to be homed as an only pet.

Sandy is a very sweet girl who enjoys sunbathing and having a cuddle with our volunteers.


  • 9months old.
  • Male
  • Would need access to the outdoors.
  • Could possibly live with another pet in the home.
  • Could live with older children.

Spot is a very friendly young man who loves spending time in the catio with our volunteer cat cuddlers.


  • 4yrs old.
  • Females, spayed.
  • Indoor cats.
  • Would need to be homed together.

Star and Rhi Rhi are lovely cats who adore each other! They love to curl up in their basket together 🙂