• 6 years old
  • Female
  • Only cat
  • House cat
  • Needs an experienced Oriental Shorthair owner.
  • 8 years old.
  • Male.
  • Came to S.A.R.A. as a stray.
  • Could possibly live with another cat in the household.


  • 6 years old.
  • Could possibly live with a male cat.


Louis and Hallie are a beautiful pair of six month olds. Louis and Hallie came to S.A.R.A. separately but were desperate to play with each other! They are now totally inseparable!! They love playing together in the catio and zooming around! Louis and Hallie would be looking for a home where they will have plenty of space to run around. Louis and Hallie could live with children and other pets.

Snow and Phoebe are a lovely pair of 10yr old cats who are brother and sister. They came to S.A.R.A. following a change in their owners circumstances. We are looking for a home where they would be the only pets. Both are really affectionate. Snow will come over for a fuss where Phoebe prefers a fuss in her bed 🙂

Mimi is a three year old cat who came to S.A.R.A. because her owner sadly passed away.  Mimi is a very sweet and gentle cat who loves the company of volunteers and playing in the cat pen. We feel Mimi would ideally suit a quiet home. Mimi could potentially live with another cat of a similar temperament.