Foxy is a ten month old Shar pei cross Staffie.

Foxy has been a delight to have at the centre!  Foxy is such a cheeky and fun little girl with bags of energy and loves nothing more than to play with the other dogs at the centre and the volunteers.  We are looking for a home that will continue with her basic training and give her the exercise she needs.  Foxy could live with another suitable dog.


Tilly is a beautiful seven year old girl.  We are hoping to find a quiet home for Tilly where she would be the only pet.  Tilly is a super affectionate cat and very placid, we think she would make an ideal companion animal.  Tilly would need access to the outdoors although she rarely wants to venture out 🙂


Timmy is a two year old Labrador.  Timmy came to S.A.R.A. through no fault of his own.  Timmy is a fantastic dog with lots and lots of energy! We are therefore looking for a home that can provide him with the exercise and stimulation that he needs.  Timmy is looking for a home where he can live with another dog in the household and would be suitable as a family pet with children 6yrs .



Blue is a 9 month old male.  Blue is a very friendly cat who loves to spend time with the cat volunteers.  Blue loves to spend time playing in the catio (garden area for the cats) he will play in there for hours.  We are looking for a home where Blue will have access to the outdoors.  Blue could live in a household with children 6 yrs plus and possibly another cat.

Reserved. Out On Trial.

Roxy is a very cute 2yr old Patterdale who came in to our care through no fault of her own. Roxy has got heaps of energy and LOVES playing in the pen and going for long walks with our volunteers. Roxy is looking for a home with no other pets and could possibly live with older children.



Oakley is a beautiful 4yr old Staffy cross who came to S.A.R.A. following a change in his owners circumstances. Oakley loves going for walks and spending time playing in the pen. Oakley walks well with our other dogs but likes his own space. Oakley is a very sweet and affectionate boy who would love a home to call his own. We feel Oakley would best suit a home with no other pets and with children 6yrs .


Lizzie as a 18mth year old Spaniel cross.  Lizzie was rescued from a dog pound where her days were sadly numbered.  It was expected that little Lizzie was also pregnant at the time however a vet check and scan revealed later that she was not pregnant but rather having a phantom pregnancy instead.   Thankfully we were able to take her in to our care here at S.A.R.A.  Lizzie is as affectionate as she is energetic and therefore would require an active household.  Lizzie could possibly live with another dog.


Dulux is a petite 2yr old female who came to S.A.R.A. as a stray. Dulux is a very affectionate cat, we often find that she calls out to the cat volunteers and staff for attention from her cattery pen. Dulux is a little sweetie who loves to eat whatever she can get her paws on whether its her cat biscuit and meat or any type of kitty treats.  Dulux is looking for a home where she will have access to the outdoors and could possibly live with another cat.


Jinx is a five year old female and Taric is a five year old male.  We are looking for a lovely home where they can go together.  Both Jinx and Taric will have to live as indoor cats.  They have a fantastic temperament and always enjoy attention from the volunteer cat cuddlers.  Both cats could potentially live with children six years plus.

Bob and Rafeki are both three year old males.  We are looking for a home where they will have access to the outdoors.  We feel they would be best suited to a household where they are the only pets. Bob and Rafeki are wonderful cats and love to play and run around, they will be a great deal of fun for any potential adopter.  They have struggled to settle completely in a cattery environment, we hope they will find their forever home soon.