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Felix is an 18 month old boy who came into our care due to his owners moving abroad. Poor Felix has been a resident here for almost twice as long as any other cat and staff cant understand why. He is an extremely loving boy who craves affection and attention, and loves to play and have a cuddle then snuggle up by the heater. He does like other cats but he gets a bit over excited so other cats tend not to like him. He would happily live with a quiet dog. Felix really is an amazing boy who is desperate for a home to call his own

Jack & Smudge

Jack and Smudge are 1year old siblings who came into SARA after their owner moved house and couldn’t take them. They are a fantastic pair of cats who would settle very well into a new loving family home. We are looking for a home that can take the pair of them as they are very attached to each other, and would happily live with other cats.






Cassie is a cute 5yr old female cat who came into SARA as a stray. She is a nervous girl who is looking for a quiet home with experienced cat owners who can bring her out of her shell and give her some TLC and show her how good life can be.


Lucy is a Saluki xWhippet who came into the centre through no fault of her own. She is a very sweet middle aged girl, and she is now looking for a new home where she can get the TLC that she desperately needs. She would love a family with another dog who she can play with and who can give her a bit of confidence so that she can see how fun life can be.



Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde are a pair who came into SARA after their owner passed away. They are about 9 years old, and have the sweetest temperaments that anyone could hope for in a feline companion. They would love a home that can offer them plenty of cuddles as they are very very affectionate cats and have always lived inside. They will make a fantastic addition to any home that can offer them a place in their heart.





Blue is a 5yr old border collie who came into SARA after being thrown out of a car at the centre. Sadly the ordeal traumatised Blue after he desperately tried to follow his owners as they drove off and luckily survived crossing 2 main roads before being caught. After taking a while to settle down after his ordeal Blue has now come out of his shell and has become a very affectionate dog, who is now ready to find a new loving family to call his own. Blue is looking for a family who have owned border collies before, and where he can be the centre of attention. He loves to play ball and does get along with some other dogs, but he has been allowed to get into a state of being very overweight and needs help to lose this so that he can be the border collie he was born to be!





Clyde is a handsome 1 yr old American Bulldog who came into SARA through no fault of his own. He is full of fun and loves nothing more than acting like a puppy, playing with the other dogs in the garden and having lots of cuddles with staff and volunteers. He has an amazing temperament and would love nothing more than a family to call his own, where he can spend the days playing and sunbathing.


Truffle is a 18month old girlie who came into SARA through no fault of her own. She has a fantastic temperament and loves nothing more than getting lots of love and attention. She is a lovely cat who gets on well with other cats and would love a new family to call her own.


Skittle is a lovely 18 month old girl who came into SARA through no fault of her own. She is a nervous girl but does love to have a cuddle and would nothing more than a quiet home to call her own.




Daisy is a 7month old fox terrier x who is full of fun and bubbling with affection after her rough start to life. Sadly she was dumped in a bin before being discovered by a member of public who brought her into SARA. After her ordeal she was left with a damaged leg and has spent a couple of months recuperating in a foster home but now she is all mended and ready to find a new loving home to call her own. Daisy is a lovely little dog who needs an active family who can keep up with her as she is full of fun all day long! She would happily live with another dog and would fit well into most families as she is so lovely.





Nikita is a cuddly 8 year old Akita who came into SARA through no fault of her own. She is one of the loveliest and sweetest dogs at the centre and everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She acts like a giant puppy and is full of fun and games, she wants plenty of cuddles and is a very well behaved lady. Staff and volunteers at the centre would love to see her in a new home where she can be the centre of attention and get all the love that she deserves. Due to Nikitas circumstances we are looking for a home where she can go with a pension plan and we as a charity will ensure that any age related problems are treated, so please call the charity for more information, she really is a superstar!








Star is a miniature SBT who came into SARA on Christmas Eve in a sorry state. She was brought in from the local pound after she had been found wandering the streets, cast out even though she was heavily pregnant. Even with all the best care her sad ordeal wasn’t yet over, and poor Star then had a very hard birth, losing one of her puppies and struggling with the other. This lovely girl is only a baby really and all the trauma of raising a puppy has been very stressful both physically and mentally. However, Star has now been relieved of the puppy and is starting to come back round to being the happy go lucky young dog that she should be. She is a very sweet natured dog and is looking for a home where she can be the centre of attention and learn that life is about having fun and getting lots of affection. She really will make a wonderful, loyal companion for the person who rescues her from the miserable life she has had so far.



Lady is a gorgeous 6yr old American Bulldog cross who came into SARA as a stray. When she came in she was in a sorry state bless her, and was suffering with alopecia and mammary tumours as a result of breeding and stress. She is a really lovely girl, and now that she has had her medical problems sorted out she is ready to look for her new forever home! Lady is a very affectionate dog who is looking for a home where she can have short walks, and a nice cosy bed to call her own. She loves playing with her toys and being showered with affection from everyone she meets, and will make a fantastic loyal girl for a family that are willing to give her a bit of tender loving care and show her how fun life can really be!

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