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Cattery Appeal

This year, we want to take further the work on the cattery.
We are trying to raise funds to enable the main barn to be re-roofed.

This would then allow the  use of three smaller barns under that roof. We are looking to develop a reception room and vet room, and to create more space for more animals.

Thank you Pets At Home

We would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Pets At Home, who have already very kindly donated £13000 in all, towards the cat isolation unit. This is a tremendous help to us, but we still have some way to go to complete this project, and a lot of fundraising work to do.

Image of Pets at Home website

We would also be very grateful to any help that can be offered with our general running costs. If you are able to help, we can be contacted on 01642 488108. Any help that can be offered is always greatly appreciated, and will help us to achieve our aims.

Below are some photos showing the proposed site for the cattery. Some photos also show the state of disrepair of the main barn roof.

Further below, are two photos of the new cattery hospital.

Image of Cattery Hospital siteImage of Cattery Hospital building before work beganImage of building  roof in disrepair before workbegan on cattery hospitaImage of inside of cattery hospital after work completedAnother image of inside of cattery hospital after work completed

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